Friday, January 30, 2009

my sweet memory...

well.....actually i don't really know what to write and share with you guys....
hmmmm....ok. Let me tell you about my sweet memory for this year. On 8th January,about 8.00 p.m. nabil,rumitha,matilda and i went to KLIA....hu3. Maybe you wonder why we went there.....actually on that day our senior from german class flying to GERMAN

So,we went there to give our support to them and at the same time,we wanted to get the inspiration from them. Of course,it was a great feeling at that time..but......we have to give our full effort and work hard to make sure that we can be like them...who FINALLY manage to make their dreams come true...!!!!! know what????

We were so excited that night to meet the seniors until we forgot where we parked our car.
We went there by nabil's car....unfortunately none of us remember where it we went for each floor and each car park,but we cann't find it. We lost 30minutes but still.........
Thank God,we remember that when we entered the lift, Mr. Al and his family also were there... So meaning,his car was at the same level.
Then Rumitha called him and asked him,at what level he parked his car....he was laughing and laughing at us. Yeah...we were quite ashamed and i can see everyone's face turn red...haha :)
but anyway,we can go back home.... Finally with Mr. Al's help,we manage to find the car.......fuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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