Thursday, February 5, 2009

diNNer tiMe.....


happy three friends...... :)

huhuhu......hi....i'm very excited to tell you guys about my experiences to cook in the hostel...actually it is the second time.. The first time was last year,matilda,ina and i try to cook 'LAKSA SARAWAK' because matilda really want to eat it as it is one of her favourite food. This time we cook at matilda's and ina's room. Well was quite surprising when all of us manage to cook it well.......BUT still it wasn't the same as you cook at home. Yeah,you know because we have not enough cooking equipments and some additional ingredients to make it taste better. Even actually we only use the RICE COOKER as the pot,what a funny thing.........huhu :).

For the second time,i cooked with my classmates who are rumitha,ina and nabil. Actually it was nabil's idea to cook on that day because he brought his classic sandwish grill. So,after class we do some shopping......buying things to cook. Finally we bought sausages,cheese,chilli sauce,black pepper and bread,for drinks we buy soybeans. It seems that we are going to cook WESTERN FOOD..Yup,that's right..!!!!BUT's quite a healthy they contain all the nutrients which are needed by our body(carbohydrate,protein,calcium,vitamin,fiber and so on...bla bla bla...huhu2 :P

After having our meal,everyone seems to be very 'full'.....and i can feel my body just now is like a snake....i'm going to be fat>>> Owh...NO...... Anyway,it was a very enjoyable experience and i had a great time cooking together with my friends. It was a really great fun......!!!

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