Saturday, February 14, 2009

CHILDREN don't get EXCITED....!!!!!

Hey children...don't get excited's not your turn yet huhuhuhu..... Just be patient and achieve your goal first. Only then you can plan whatever you want to do.... for example :

she's beautiful,right.......

Actually she is ina's cousine...recently we attended her engage ceremony which was held at night... It's only an engage ceremony and not a WEDDING ceremony yet. Ina,Matilda and I went since the evening because we wanted to help her doing some preparation for this ceremony. We helping them in the kitchen,preparing the was quite exciting as it has been a long time we didn't enter the kitchen since we came back to college...huhuhu. :)

see.....matilda,kak ada,me n ina....

It was a quite long time ago I didn't attend any ceremony like this...i mean the wedding o engage ceremony of my family...the last time was when i was in form 2.. So,i really enjoy this ceremony and i had a great time with them...THANKS....!!!!!!!

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